1.  Shoe Box Clients - Some clients bring their records to us monthly, quarterly, or annually.  The industry, commonly and affectionately, refers to these as shoe box clients.  We sort through the information, enter the data into QuickBooks, and prepare government remittances, tax returns, etc.  This is typical for the client who wishes to be in compliance with mandatory filing requirements.  These clients feel they have a handle on their business and don't really need the information a proper bookkeeping system can provide.  They may have adequate controls on their end outside of the accounting system.


2.  On-site Bookkeeping - We have a lot of clients who want a bookkeeper to attend their offices and provide bookkeeping services on their computers/systems.  This isn't as common anymore due to a) the cost associated with a contracted bookkeeper and the increased transportation costs, and b) the ease of remote bookkeeping.  The same things can be done on-site by way of remote access without incurring expensive transportation costs.  It is still the preferred method for some clients as the needs for every business are different.  We accommodate these requests.


3.  Remote Bookkeeping - Requests for this service is increasing at a dramatic pace.  We have many clients taking advantage of this method.  Why?  It saves you overhead dollars and space, keeps your books up-to-date, generates timely and accurate reports to make better management decisions, and provides you more time to work on YOUR business. 


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We have been around long enough, and seen enough, to take care of your books using any one of these methods.  Email me so we can see what works best for you!